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My name is David Smith, and I’m a technical translator. I translate a variety of technical documents from Chinese into English. On this website you will find some more information about me, translation in general, the Chinese language, technical translation, and patent translation. In the box on the right you will find lots of ways to get in touch with me.

There are links along the bar at the top of this page; these will take you to different sections. In the box to the right you will be able to find out more about me by viewing my profiles in various translation websites, downloading my CV, following me on my blog, and getting in touch with me via Skype.

Who is this website aimed at?

The purpose of this website is to provide useful information for translation project managers, other translators, people interested in translation, and potential clients.

I've tried to give some information and resources that might be of help to translation project managers throughout this website. Choosing a good technical translator can be quite a challenging task, and I hope my information will help you make the decision about who to use. If you look at the bar along the top of the page you’ll see links giving more information about specific aspects of Chinese to English technical translation.

If you represent a business which requires translation, please do contact me and I'll see if I'm able to help you. I'm always happy to hear from new potential clients. I would be happy to help even if you just have a question about translation rather than a potential job.

Translators, especially those working in my language pair (Chinese to English), and especially technical specialists, may be interested in my blog, where I write once a month about some issues of interest. The link to the blog is on the right hand side of the page, in the box.

For people who have another interest in translation, such as students, or people thinking about becoming a translator, I hope you'll get more of an idea about the issues I face as a professional translator from my blog, linked on the right. It might also be worth reading through the other pages to see if anything interests you. I’m particularly interested in hearing from any other technical translators who wish to share their experiences.