Annoying internet

Posted on: October 8, 2020

My internet has been driving me mad for some time. Previously we used the BT connection to my house but apparently due to the wiring the fastest they could deliver was 6 MB, which means stuttering videos and Skype calls. I tried to get it upgraded for a very long time but because we are in a flat, they said they couldn’t run a new wire. I tried Virgin who also said they couldn’t install their own solution.

Until finally last year, Virgin decided they could in fact install broadband for me. I waited months and finally the engineer installed it. There is now about 300 MB in the living room, but only about 10 MB in the office. At least that’s enough for most day to day tasks and I can work while my wife watches Netflix.

It tool weeks and weeks of phoning and getting cancelled in total before I finally got the line put in, not to mention a month waiting for an engineer here and another month there. I live in Zone 3 in Central London, and it really shouldn’t be this hard.

Even with the new faster internet, I still find the whole thing slows right down at least once a week, although now those slow patches only last about an hour.

When I was in Taiwan, I had red-hot internet the whole time, don’t remember ever waiting for anything to download at all, but there you go.