Mindfulness or Gratitude

Posted on: October 18, 2021

One thing I really recommend for everyone, translators or otherwise, is some kind of “inner training”. Working on our inner selves, making ourselves stronger on the inside as well as the outside.

Over the years, I’ve explored a whole bunch of things, but I’ve settled on two things which seem to help me.

Firstly, I do a mindfulness session most days. I really like Jeff Warren and he does daily sessions on the Calm app, which I love. I also do my own unguided sessions from time to time. They take about 10 or 20 minutes. I’ve now done about 200 sessions in total, and I’m feeling like it needs even more time, 10 minutes may not be enough for me any more, I want more time to explore my inner self. Sadly, with translation being the way it is, I hardly ever get time so I settle for 10 minutes of mindfulness about 4 times per week.

The other thing I do is gratitude, I go through and write, in a nice notebook, something I’m grateful for. It could really be anything, having all my limbs, being good at languages, having a job I enjoy, and so on. Doing that helps me remember to notice good things as well as the stream of bad news.

Those two things together have really helped me work on my “inner game”. It’s hard to scientifically say for sure, but I feel like bad news doesn’t bother me as much, I notice good news more easily, and I’m generally happier with myself, give it a try!