Posted on: July 21, 2019

Recently, I have started learning Spanish. The reason for learning the new languages are as follows:

  1. Linguistic – I think it’s important to keep learning new languages, even when you already speak one. I selected Spanish because I wanted an easier language than Chinese, and I decided to go for one which is considered relatively easy.
  2. Business – This was a key driver. There seems to be a lot of work coming through from Spain recently (third after UK and Germany), and I feel that even a little Spanish will allow me to work together with those clients much more effectively.
  3. Leisure – Actually Spanish wasn’t my first choice for an “easy” language. I was originally thinking of a Scandinavian language but when I actually looked at it, there weren’t any good schools local to me teaching them, so I decided to settle on Spanish

I can’t see myself translating any time soon, but I’m already finding it easier to fill out Spanish forms and tax documents and so on, won’t be long before I can write to Project Managers in Spanish directly.